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19 June 2007 @ 09:46 pm
FAQ, Ideas, Affiliates  


How did you come up with such a crazy idea?
Easy! I love drawing. I love comics. I love British literature (especially from the Victorian era). Also, I had a muse: dear, dear oogata!

How do you draw your cartoons?
I use my trusty Wacom graphics tablet for more wobbly accuracy, Photoshop, and its wonderful layers. For any vectors I use Illustrator. <3

Can I use your artwork for icons/graphics?
Sure! But you cannot alter them in any way, apart from cropping. Also please tell me where they are so I can see them, because I'd really love to see what you've come up with.

Can I affiliate with you?
Sure! Just comment on this page, with a button if you have one.

If I have an idea can I tell you?
Absolutely! You can either comment here or email me. After all, my humour can only go so far. ;D However, this doesn't mean I will instantly use your idea. If I like an idea, I'll use it. I will definitely give credit where it's due though, so fear not!


- Comment on this page.

Any ideas you'd like to give me?

- Email me or comment here. Nothing too pr0nographic please, although I wouldn't mind... :P